This dessert place is really great. If you have not been here while in Wichita, then you are definitely missing a lot of things. Everything here speaks of quality and tastefulness. Also, the staff here are very accommodating too. I’m not really into sweets but their products look really good that you cannot help but have a taste. What more if you have a sweet tooth.


This is a place for those who love cakes and pastries. They have a large variety of products one can choose. No matter what you choose, trust that every bite of the products they offer here will not disappoint. In fact, you cannot help but bring to go with you to bring to your loved ones because they are really delicious.


I bought a cake here for my mom’s birthday and I was really disappointed that I only bought one for the whole family. In just a blink of an eye, they manage to eat it all with the only remaining item on the table is the box where it is taken out of. That is how good their cakes are. From then on, this has already become our favorite place not just in buying cakes during special occasions but also as a coffee place. Their coffee here is so good. Without control, it is easy for you to get addicted especially since they do not sell their products at an expensive price. Make sure to visit this place if you have not seen it yet. The experience is exceptional. That I promise you.


This is a great place to be if you are looking for a coffee shop where you can relax after a long day. This place has a cozy ambiance and great dessert choices too. I suggest you to have a taste of their almond Roca cake because it is the best.