Creativity in Every Bite.

This the mantra the people behind Nectar and Stone Melbourne live with every single day. We make sure to create dessert pieces that will keep people coming back for more.

Cakes, bread, cookies? If you are going to give it some thought, these pieces are already on the mainstream. Nothing new and they all look the same across many brands. This is what we hoped to change when we created this dessert place. We do not simply want to be branded as a place where the customers and diners can get delicious dessert and coffee. Instead, we want to be known for something more. As such, we decided to combine our artistic talents to make the dessert choices we are offering here distinct from others. We create them in a way that can wow the crowd.

Are we successful? So far we can say that we are. This is because, through the recommendations alone of our patrons, we managed already to gain the trust of legions of our customers. They come here to have a taste and take a look of the treats that they cannot easily find elsewhere. In fact, because of the increase in the demand for our products, we are even forced to get extra pairs of helping hands because we needed to meet the orders here in our place. Moreover, there are also times when we get bookings for days straight which is really good for the business.

Nectar and Stone Melbourne is not simply a desert place. We are already conducting here training for FREE once a month particularly to those students who are willing to learn the basic technique in baking and pastry making. Limited slots are available so please register now for FREE. For more questions, you can contact us anytime so do not hesitate in calling us.