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Artful Little Sweets for Your Picky Taste Buds

Dessert is among the staple food of people with sweet tooth. Actually, even if you are a person who hates sweets, there are times when you cannot help but ask for it especially if you are looking for a new taste after you have eating roasted meat. Just a spoon or two will suffice for some but there are also those who can eat a whole batch of sweets depending on their appetite.

Many people perceive that sugar has a negative impact on the health of an individual. This is a wrong assumption since sugar will only be bad to your health when taken in excess. There are individuals who lean on sugar for comfort. This is known to bring lightness when you are having a dark mood. Also, it is known to alleviate stress especially after a long day at work. That is just the taste alone. What more if it is equipped with creative designs that will make you drool? We dare you to find out by coming to our dessert place in Wichita today.

mount-watering desserts

Nectar and Stone Melbourne is a little coffee and dessert place that you can find in the heart of the City of Wichita. You will not miss us because we embody the creativity of the pastries and cakes that we sell in our store. Just the exterior alone would wow you because it looks like Barbie’s gingerbread house from the outside. It is even equipped with the cutest glass garage door in Wichita which we had customized from the best garage door service provider in town. We never scrimped because we want to make an impression – a statement to the people who come to our place. And when you finally come to the inside, you are going to be amazed by our amazing decorations. The inside will bring you the Wonderland feels which will bring forth the child in you. Everything in it is inviting you to explore. From the wall to ceiling bookshelf on one part to the store to the playroom in another, you will have lots of fun in this place.

You may be wondering why we are doing this and not be just like any other coffee shops. This is because we promote here a cell phone-free environment especially if you are with kids. We specifically made this place a venue for you to bond with your sons and daughters.

Here at Nectar and Stone Melbourne, you will enjoy every piece of pastry and cake that we have here. You will love them from the aesthetics down to the taste. The coffee and tea you can have to accompany them will also give you utmost satisfaction. We see to it that they will complement each other for your maximum experience. We assure you that even before you take a bite, you will not resist taking a picture of everything we are going to serve you because of the creative way they are created. Make sure to visit out place yourself so you can have an idea on what we are talking about. Call us now for more inquiries.